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The workshop

The workshop

Vanini chocolate is born in the heart of Lugano, among the exclusive boutiques of via Nassa. Time has stopped in our laboratory, and chocolate is worked with expert hands according to the traditional methods of the Swiss tradition. The hands of our craftsmen create small masterpieces of taste and beauty on a daily basis.


The Vanini 1871 chocolate masters create small jewels in shape and taste: from classic flavors like dark chocolate pralines to small curiosities like spices, fruit or liqueur.

Our cocoa


Our maitres chocolatiers select the raw materials, choosing the best cocoa from the plantations all over the world. The delicate balance between the types of cocoa contributes to the uniqueness of the taste of our creations.


Forastero Arriba, Ecuador

Arriba quality is distinguished by its excellent and fragrant floral aroma. The Forastero is a cocoa with a good yield and a higher resistance. The beans give a cocoa with a good dose of bitterness and great versatility.


Criollo, Venezuela

The Criollo quality is distinguished by its rarity and its round aromas on the palate. It is a rare cocoa, very prized, from the most delicate cultivation, and gives the chocolate a typical reddish tone.

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